BRAVO SERVIÇOS LOGÍSTICOS LTDA is a private legal entity, registered at the CNPJ/MF under CNPJ nº 05.704.331/0001-26, headquartered in Uberaba, MG, at Rodovia BR 050, km 185 – Jardim Santa Clara, CEP 38038 -050, including companies controlled by it (“BRAVO”), and with an indication of the Data Treatment and Protection Officer, Mr. João Pedro Meirelles Barrozo,, we believe it is relevant to present the motivation and form of electronic records and personal data, as defined by Law nº 13.709/2018, the General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”), left by you (“User”) when using BRAVO’s websites (“Pages”), and this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) serves to regulate and inform, in a simple, transparent and objective way, what data and information will be obtained, as well as when they may be used.

The Pages respect the importance of visitors’ privacy and guarantee that it will take all information security measures so that any data provided by the User will not be disclosed to third parties or exposed in a manner other than that regulated and consented to by this Policy.

This Policy may be updated, at any time, by BRAVO, upon notice on the Pages.


This Policy applies to Users who, in some way, when accessing BRAVO’s Pages, may provide data and have them stored and/or captured by BRAVO.


BRAVO may collect information actively and spontaneously entered by the User at the time of registration on the Pages, and also collect information automatically when using the pages and the network, such as, for example, identification of the commercial establishment used, IP with date and time of connection, among others appropriate and normal to the User’s type of access.

Thus, two types of personal data are processed: (i) those provided by the User; and (ii) those collected automatically, as described:

(i) Information provided by the User: BRAVO collects all information and non-sensitive data actively entered by the User on the Pages, such as full name, e-mail, date of birth, city and state, telephone numbers, or any other data necessary, when completing forms on the Pages by the User. BRAVO will use this information to achieve the purpose of the requests.

(ii) Data collected automatically: BRAVO may also collect information automatically, such as: characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information on clicks, pages accessed, pages following pages accessed after exiting the Pages, or any search term entered on the sites or in reference to them, among others. For such collection, BRAVO will use some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons, and local shared objects, which are used for the purpose of improving the User’s browsing experience on the Pages.

It is possible to disable, through the settings of your internet browser, the automatic collection of information through some technologies, such as cookies and caches, as well as on our own website, specifically regarding cookies. However, the User must be aware that, if these technologies are disabled, some features offered by the website, which depend on the processing of said data, may not work correctly.


The information collected by BRAVO is intended to establish a commercial relationship, responses to calls, suggestions, requests or complaints, and any stored information may be used by BRAVO to make the best strategic decisions, always in line with legal norms and with its Data Protection Code of Conduct and ethical and moral principles.

Still, according to art. 10 of the LGPD, the data will be collected only for the promotion of BRAVO’s activities and protection, in relation to the holder, of the regular exercise of his/her rights or provision of services that benefit him, respecting his legitimate expectations and fundamental rights and freedoms, with transparency, guaranteeing holders clear, precise and easily accessible information about the treatment and the respective treatments, observing BRAVO’s commercial and industrial secrets, in accordance with art. 6, item VI, of the LGPD.

BRAVO may centralize the information collected on the Pages, which may be used on all BRAVO Pages, respecting the purposes set forth herein and the User’s consent.

BRAVO will not pass on the data provided to third parties outside the companies comprising BRAVO without the User’s consent.


 BRAVO is made up of several companies with complementary activities. In this way, you may share the information collected through the Pages, in the following cases: (i) with other companies controlled by BRAVO, which undertake to use the information for the same purposes indicated in this Policy, in view of its applicability for all activities carried out by BRAVO; (ii) to protect BRAVO’s interests in any type of conflict, including lawsuits; (iii) in the case of transactions and corporate changes involving BRAVO, in which case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of services; or, (iv) by court order or by request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for its request.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device when you visit a website.

In this way, when you return to a page already accessed within our domains or visit another, the data previously recorded in your browser can be accessed by the website, with the aim of customizing your navigation, making it more practical and interactive.

Our websites use the following types of cookies: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functionality cookies, third-party cookies, and advertising cookies.


BRAVO will store the information collected on its Pages on its own servers or those contracted by it.

BRAVO adopts the best efforts, in order to preserve the privacy of the Users’ data, in addition to complying with the rules of the LGPD. However, no website is completely secure, and BRAVO cannot fully guarantee that all the information that travels on the Pages is not the target of unauthorized access perpetrated through methods developed to improperly obtain information. For this reason, we encourage Users to take appropriate steps to protect themselves, such as keeping all usernames and passwords confidential.


The User is in control of his/her privacy and may, at any time, use the functions of the browser of his/her choice to browse anonymously.

In this case, some services on this or other sites may, eventually, not work correctly, precisely due to the concealment of certain data, such as form systems.

Although we work with good protection and security practices, no web service has a 100% guaranteed against intrusions and we cannot be held responsible if this occurs.

We recommend that you periodically consult this Policy in order to find out about any updates, which BRAVO reserves the right to implement to improve the Pages at any time.


This Policy will be governed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the Laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, especially the LGPD, regardless of the Laws of other states or countries, with the jurisdiction of the Central Forum of Uberaba/MG to resolve any doubts arising of this document.

Updated Feb 08, 2022.

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