Our journey began with the desire to be a differentiated company, offering logistics services, but it goes way beyond when it comes to the partnership with the clients. It has been a long road, with many achievements, but we are ready to go even further.


Conceived within a large wholesaler, Bravo was born as a company in 1998, in Uberaba-MG, with a small warehouse, 15 trucks and just over 35 people on the team.

Gradually the company grew and then envisioned agribusiness as an opportunity and transformed itself to meet the demands of the agrochemical industry, leaving a generic logistics operator role to become a segmented operator.

In the following years, Bravo grew bigger and better, gaining expertise and increasing participation in the agribusiness.

To this end, new branches were opened in regions where agriculture is strong, as a way to better serve the customers.

2004 was a particularly important year for Bravo, for it was a period in which the agricultural market was booming, and the company was awarded some relevant certifications in the market.

Thereby, in addition to Uberaba-MG (headquarters), it advanced to other regions of Brazil with new branches. The expansions never stopped, and, in the following years, Bravo conquered new clients and continued its expansion through new states, in addition to the first connection with the region of Paulínia-SP, an important center of the agrochemical sector.


From 2008 to 2010, Bravo established itself and continued expanding with new branches with the construction of its own warehouses, modern and intelligent structures in different states of Brazil.

In the following years, in addition to the physical expansions, Bravo made changes in its governance, with new sectors, new professionals and improved technologies.

2018 was an especially important year in the company’s history, it was the year in which Bravo also started to offer the 4PL service. Based on this achievement, the development of Evolog began, a digital collaborative ecosystem of logistics services that offers visibility into the logistics process. Today, Evolog is a Bravo spin-off, serving other customers and in full development.

Bravo is currently experiencing a new transformation that is the preparation to get to 2025 in a healthy, profitable, attractive way for new talents, sustainable, even more efficient and with the usual credibility, valuing and considering all the people involved in the business, from employees, clients, suppliers, and partners.

Currently, the company is present in all regions of the country with 16 operations, more than 3,000 employees and a fleet of more than 1,000 trucks to serve the main companies in the agrochemical sector in Brazil.


Offering the necessary tools for our partners to reach their goals, embracing each client’s path as our own journey.


Treating each delivery with the utmost importance, each client’s challenge as our own and each partnership as the fuel to go further.


Strategic partnerships that make the difference from end to end in the process.


We deliver a unique, rich, positively surprising and differentiated experience of logistical services on a daily basis, which exceeds the expectations of our partners.


We face logistical challenges together and foster long-term partnerships.

We act with the commitment to always being at the forefront in improvements and innovation, technology, sustainable actions, with human resources and adequate infrastructure.


We exist to support the growth of companies, adding value to their businesses.

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