In search of continuous improvements and seeking to meet one of its priority objectives, which is Social Responsibility aimed at the well-being of citizens, BRAVO’s senior management, along with its employees, ensure that they are committed to:

  • Promoting sustainable development by systematically managing the environmental impacts generated by the business, in order to make them compatible with the preservation of conditions necessary for life;
  • Complying with applicable Environmental Legislation in force, as well as with all the requirements established by the company for the protection of the environment;
  • Promoting continuous improvement in operational processes that affect the environment, controlling and evaluating activities, products, and services under its responsibility;

  • Establishing, reviewing, and annually monitoring the specific environmental objectives and targets of its activities;

  • Promoting the training and awareness of its internal and external collaborators and contracted third parties, in matters of sustainability;
  • Ensuring transparency in the company’s activities and actions, providing interested parties with information on its performance in protecting the environment.

The protection of health, environment, and sustainability of the environment in which it operates is the responsibility of the entire company. It is the management’s obligation to accept this responsibility as an important priority and to provide it with the necessary resources. It is also the obligation of all employees at all levels to assume this responsibility in the context of their individual tasks and cooperate in this way to make BRAVO an increasingly sustainable company.

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